Saturday, September 24, 2016

While you were away...

The first fiery leaves of autumn fell to the ground,
and the forest was cleared along the west side of the road.

They left the sunsets though, and a view of Venus
burning through dusk like a diamond.

At Thanksgiving, we played your song for the kids,
and they sang the words along with you.

Your roses bloomed in December, and the cardinal
returned to roost in the eves.

One day in the spring, we stowed our fishing gear
and watched a rainbow sail into the bay on the rain.

Your ring sparkled on your granddaughter's hand
as she accepted her diploma from your alma mater.

In so many dreams you were young and healthy again.
We heard your laughter, and your silence,

And we made another journey around the sun with you,
but for the first time without you.

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