Friday, October 2, 2015

Been a while

I had an amazing time in Colorado in late August, and spent several days camping and hiking at Rocky Mountain National Park. So gorgeous during the day, and also at night with far less light pollution than I'm used to. Even saw a bear on the Fern Lake trail, and managed to live to blog about it...I think.

Played some $1/$2 at Ameristar in Black Hawk, and a $300 bounty tourney at the Colorado Championship of Poker at Golden Gates Casino. Had a really good start, and called a big bluff with tptk for 10k in tournament chips. But I got cocky later after dinner break and decided to bluff off half my stack to the chipleader. Despite not hitting the money, I did bust two players for $100 in bounties and a discount.

Switching gears now to a 5NL grind on Bovada, 4-tabling, using Table Tamer. Going pretty well so far, as these players love to shove silly stuff and call when they're beat.

Had a sick quads over quads hand for a triple this week, after I raised pre with JJ and flopped the other JJ and a 6. It checked around on the flop, then I check-called .25 on the turn. Shoved the river with the board at JJ666 and got a call from KK which slowplayed pre, and Q6o of all things on the button. That might had triggered a nice five-figure jackpot in some live casinos, but no luck online. NH though.

Turned a straight flush tonight and shoved the river hoping the other guy had the A or K of clubs. No dice, but nice to see a killer hand like that.

Below is my 5NL graph:

My bankroll on Bovada had dropped from $376 to $250 or so after a string of tournament losses, so it's nice to be grinding it back up. Plus cash games are something I've avoided in favor of tourneys, and it's time to get the experience that my game needs. Love the hand review features in PT4!

Hopefully I can build this into a solid bankroll and be my own boss. We'll see. A tourney bink would be nice...

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