Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Turbo DS Cash

Meh...called a shove with A9s vs K4o in the SB. Flopped a 9 but he turned a K. Had to call all in with 45o after and I was toast. Still in the $11 with about 20BB, close to the bubble.

Random Bink and catching up.

So the World Poker Tour is at Choctaw and I drove up and played flights A-C of the $200k GTD for $120 each. Didn't get anywhere, because I seem to have forgotten the fine art of folding when obviously beat. Had a great time though and enjoyed a cash game table I was at, where guys were just giving away money chasing draws and calling with top pair\bad kicker. Fun table too, everyone seemed to be in a good mood to lose, lol.

Strange thing is in 3 tourneys I never saw AA, but saw it twice within 30 mins at this table, and lots of AK, plus other big pairs. Couldn't hit a set to save my life though. I was up $85 at best, and cashed out up $40. Hey, gas money.

Due to a sad and unfortunate loss in my family that I'll discuss later, I have too much time on my hands and no income; so now is as good a time as any to try to cover my monthly expenses playing online poker and select live events that are good values, like Monster Stack tourneys. In fact, I'm going back to Choctaw this weekend to play the $350 Monster (4 flights, $500k gtd prize pool). I'll play just one flight, then spend time at the cash tables afterward to try and earn my buyins back.

After that, I'm off to Colorado to visit two sets of friends there, and to climb my nemesis, Mt. Elbert. :-) I may also do the Hanging Lake hike again, or head up to Rocky Mountain National Park for a nice hike. I won $100 in a contest put on by PokerSites.us on FB, so I bought another pair of Merrell MOAB Ventilator hiking shoes, which are so comfortable. Can't wait to try them out! Also joined Planet Fitness and have been doing lots of cardio to get in shape.

Hope to make it to Blackhawk and play some poker.

Anyway, that's it for now. Happy for the totally random bink. Turbos aren't my thing, but I wanted to play something that would force me to gamble a lot and open up my shoving range. Worked out well! The key hand headsup was when the villain shoved 99 and I call with KQ and rivered a Broadway straight. We were almost even, so that left him severely crippled. Shoved JTo next hand (cards didn't matter) and won with 2 pair.

I get excited about the game even after a small win like that. For me it's all about how much you multiply the buyin. Fun stuff. If I could turn $3 in to $206 every day, I'd be set for life.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Poem for Betty

I saw a cardinal fly today
and thought of you again...
the way you loved to hear its song
spring forth upon the wind.

I miss the times you sang for us
before your soul took flight
and left us with an emptiness;
a longing for your light.

I hope we'll reunite one day
if even for a while,
in dreams or some place heavenly
where I can see you smile.

Until that day, I'll look for you
in every bird that sings
and soars up where the angels fly
with you upon their wings.