Monday, February 23, 2015

Missed the bounce. :-/

So I wasn't expecting oil to start a rebound so quickly after the last post, but it did on the last trading day of January, and I missed out on a roughly 10% gain by tip-toeing into the sector prior to the bounce. The result sucks, but the action was probably correct, given that fundamentals didn't support rushing in (growing supply\sluggish demand). Damned if you do or don't...

I've got most of the move complete now, and held back some to buy on the dips.

Some long positions I took:


Will probably buy some EOG and NOV as well, and probably AAPL. Tired of sitting on the sidelines watching AAPL go up. Even if it tanks during a recession, I'd still be long on it.

If I were truly a gambling man, I would have thought AAPL's 40% drop through early 2013 a rare opportunity, doubled up over the next two years, and be mostly set. But who really bets it all on one horse? I know, I know...true gamblers.

In other news, had to suspend writing activity due to family health concerns. Have spent the core of most days at the hospital for visitation, and didn't have time to commit to even the few writing assignments I was doing per month. Hated to do that because I was working on getting better and faster at it, but family first.

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