Saturday, January 24, 2015

Missed Choctaw :-/

Could have played Event 12 again like last year, but have a family member in the hospital and decided to put family first and visit. Didn't feel like playing anyway.

Getting prepared to make some gambles on oil (though not all at once), and studying up on energy funds, stocks, and ETFs. Lots of opinions out there, but fees are important so Vanguard will probably be high on my list for low costs (VGENX and VDE), along with an oil services ETF tbd.

In the meantime, I've been jumping through the necessary hoops to consolidate separate workplace retirement accounts into one at TradeKing, which has low trading fees. I've wanted to do this for years for greater flexibility, and it's mostly done.

So yeah, playing a different kind of poker at the moment.


Found out a friend from League has had a good month in poker though. Including recent winnings in Vegas, winning League championship again, and cashing at Choctaw, he's up $4200+ for the month. Glad someone is raking it in, lol.

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