Monday, December 29, 2014

Looking Back and Forward - A Few Resolutions

Well, it's time to reflect on 2014 and look forward to the new year.

I was unable to play online as much unfortunately due to juggling some family health issues, or maybe I let those things convince me that I shouldn't play online as much. Either way, not much volume this year.

I cashed out most of my Bovada bankroll last spring, around $1940, and left only $37-ish, which I built to $200+ but is now down to $148-ish. Cashing out was a mistake in hindsight and is forcing me to play $2 and $5 MTTs to rebuild. But at least I know that depositing their checks at my bank's atm will work.

Early in the year, I won my live league final table for $950 after a 3-way chop for $800, then winning it for $150 more. Then I cashed in a WSOPC for $1475, which felt awesome for a first attempt. 

Two trips to Vegas were mostly unprofitable, but I will chalk them up to fun vacays and the first steps on the path to something good I hope. I'm already getting ready to book travel plans for next summer, to catch a deal during WSOP. 

Plans for 2015:

-Keep plugging away at P90x.
-Revisit my poker study plan, and chip away at it each day.
-Stay in touch with friends who left Dallas for Denver.
-Get faster at writing.
-Get better at my job, and revisit training material.
-Practice gratitude.
-Be happy.

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