Thursday, December 25, 2014

Give and you shall receive, Part 2.

So I gave away another $20 in a CardsChat Poker Jeopardy on Christmas Eve (although transaction is so far pending winner response), Then I played another ACR Freeroll tonight and hit 2nd for $18. Maybe there really is something to this Give\Receive thing, because I normally don't hit like that. We have some great players, and I tend to overplay and make mistakes along the way.

Final hand was ATo<K4o, and villain flops trips and turns a full house. He had me covered 5 to 1 so it was a great call after I 3-bet shoved. He had min-raised to 3000 as well, so was justified to call with any hand. GG

Almost forgot: Merry Christmas, no one! :-)

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