Thursday, December 18, 2014

Binked a CardsChat Freeroll on America's Cardroom

As I replied in a thread on on CC, nice to finally luck up and finally bink one. I've min-cashed a fair amount, and snagged a 2nd place on a CC Bovada freeroll last summer, but this 1st is a true first in the CC freerolls. 

Gone are the days of the Rake The Rake $500 freeroll on Bovada unfortunately. Binked that one for $200 once, and for $480 total over the short happy life of that tourney, which got a lot harder as the field grew closer to 100.

Anyway, closing out the ACR freeroll with 88(8) is significant to me in a few ways. The Snowman Poker League in Houston was the first recreational league that I joined years ago to get some live experience. I managed to win one of their afternoon tourneys for a hefty brass card protector. (NERD!)

Secondly, I recently guessed the winning word in CardsChat's Poker Jeopardy game, after which it was my turn to choose the guess-word. I chose "snowmen" aka 88, and added an escalating cash prize to make it fun and give a little back to someone in the community during the holidays. 

I started the Jeopardy jackpot at $10, and increased it by $1 each time someone asked me a question about the guess-word and received an answer of "yes". Since I kind of needed the game to end, I eventually changed my avatar to a pic of several snowmen as a plain-sight clue. Not sure if that helped the winner, but he guessed both the word and the associated hand, and I shipped him $20 via ACR.

I realize that the ACR bink for $26 tonight may not actually be related to the Poker Jeopardy game and prize, but after winning the freeroll with 88(8) aka "snowmen", I prefer to think of it as a little lesson in "Give and you shall receive." That's a useful way to look at it, and the small win boosted my bankroll and then some.

I'll take any life lesson as it comes, but especially one with a pleasant ending.

The above hand is one that I felt good about on the Final Table. I minraised pre, then Zorba called in the BB and lead out strong on future streets, finally forcing me to an all-in call on the river for my last 4.5k. I'm thinking he would always reraise pre with AJ+ and JJ, and that quad 2s are too rare to be an option.

I put him on an ace with a better kicker than mine (although not AJ+), leaving the jack on the flop to play as the best kicker for both hands, and making the showdown a tie for a split pot. Lucky for me, that's how it turned out. The jack played for both hands and kept me in the game.

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