Monday, December 29, 2014

Looking Back and Forward - A Few Resolutions

Well, it's time to reflect on 2014 and look forward to the new year.

I was unable to play online as much unfortunately due to juggling some family health issues, or maybe I let those things convince me that I shouldn't play online as much. Either way, not much volume this year.

I cashed out most of my Bovada bankroll last spring, around $1940, and left only $37-ish, which I built to $200+ but is now down to $148-ish. Cashing out was a mistake in hindsight and is forcing me to play $2 and $5 MTTs to rebuild. But at least I know that depositing their checks at my bank's atm will work.

Early in the year, I won my live league final table for $950 after a 3-way chop for $800, then winning it for $150 more. Then I cashed in a WSOPC for $1475, which felt awesome for a first attempt. 

Two trips to Vegas were mostly unprofitable, but I will chalk them up to fun vacays and the first steps on the path to something good I hope. I'm already getting ready to book travel plans for next summer, to catch a deal during WSOP. 

Plans for 2015:

-Keep plugging away at P90x.
-Revisit my poker study plan, and chip away at it each day.
-Stay in touch with friends who left Dallas for Denver.
-Get faster at writing.
-Get better at my job, and revisit training material.
-Practice gratitude.
-Be happy.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Give and you shall receive, Part 2.

So I gave away another $20 in a CardsChat Poker Jeopardy on Christmas Eve (although transaction is so far pending winner response), Then I played another ACR Freeroll tonight and hit 2nd for $18. Maybe there really is something to this Give\Receive thing, because I normally don't hit like that. We have some great players, and I tend to overplay and make mistakes along the way.

Final hand was ATo<K4o, and villain flops trips and turns a full house. He had me covered 5 to 1 so it was a great call after I 3-bet shoved. He had min-raised to 3000 as well, so was justified to call with any hand. GG

Almost forgot: Merry Christmas, no one! :-)

Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Santa Limerick

There was an old fellow named Claus
Who was known for his ghastly faux pas
Like filling his belly
With beans made of jelly
And farting before his in-laws. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Binked a CardsChat Freeroll on America's Cardroom

As I replied in a thread on on CC, nice to finally luck up and finally bink one. I've min-cashed a fair amount, and snagged a 2nd place on a CC Bovada freeroll last summer, but this 1st is a true first in the CC freerolls. 

Gone are the days of the Rake The Rake $500 freeroll on Bovada unfortunately. Binked that one for $200 once, and for $480 total over the short happy life of that tourney, which got a lot harder as the field grew closer to 100.

Anyway, closing out the ACR freeroll with 88(8) is significant to me in a few ways. The Snowman Poker League in Houston was the first recreational league that I joined years ago to get some live experience. I managed to win one of their afternoon tourneys for a hefty brass card protector. (NERD!)

Secondly, I recently guessed the winning word in CardsChat's Poker Jeopardy game, after which it was my turn to choose the guess-word. I chose "snowmen" aka 88, and added an escalating cash prize to make it fun and give a little back to someone in the community during the holidays. 

I started the Jeopardy jackpot at $10, and increased it by $1 each time someone asked me a question about the guess-word and received an answer of "yes". Since I kind of needed the game to end, I eventually changed my avatar to a pic of several snowmen as a plain-sight clue. Not sure if that helped the winner, but he guessed both the word and the associated hand, and I shipped him $20 via ACR.

I realize that the ACR bink for $26 tonight may not actually be related to the Poker Jeopardy game and prize, but after winning the freeroll with 88(8) aka "snowmen", I prefer to think of it as a little lesson in "Give and you shall receive." That's a useful way to look at it, and the small win boosted my bankroll and then some.

I'll take any life lesson as it comes, but especially one with a pleasant ending.

The above hand is one that I felt good about on the Final Table. I minraised pre, then Zorba called in the BB and lead out strong on future streets, finally forcing me to an all-in call on the river for my last 4.5k. I'm thinking he would always reraise pre with AJ+ and JJ, and that quad 2s are too rare to be an option.

I put him on an ace with a better kicker than mine (although not AJ+), leaving the jack on the flop to play as the best kicker for both hands, and making the showdown a tie for a split pot. Lucky for me, that's how it turned out. The jack played for both hands and kept me in the game.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Choctaw is Coming up in January. GET PUMPED OR ELSE

Not much to say here just posting a reminder for myself to keep plugging away every day, and stop getting distracted by Cyber Deals and holiday poems and articles and this and that and random runon sentences.

It's late...tired.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Santa's Good Game - A Christmas Poker Poem

I found a good game
One Christmas Eve night
Where I managed to maim
This poor elf on my right.

His chipstack was short
By the time I was done,
But he was a fine sport
In spite of my fun.

I was playing so well
In my mind I was HERO
'Til the villainous hell
That soon left me with $0.

A large man in seat six
Who was dressed all in red
Learned the tells of my tricks
And filled me with dread.

Each time he said "Raise"
In a voice full of funny
Through my soul he would gaze
'Til I felt like DEAD MONEY.

It was like the man knew
Each move I would make
From each breath that I drew;
In each quiver and shake.

I said "Sir, how is it
that you know me so well?"
Then I started to fidget
Before the man's spell.

He asked "How can it be
that you don't remember
all those cookies you left
for me each December?"

Then he lifted a round
Up to his right ear;
Made it snap with a sound
That filled me with fear.

I thought The Santa I knew
Would never play poker
On the night that he flew.
This clown is a joker!

But his game was no joke
His skill quite apparent
To the table he broke,
All our strategies errant.

Then he roared "C'mon, elf!
We've got work to do!!"
And he gathered himself
and all our chips too.

Before he could leave,
I asked "What's your name??"
"What a fine Christmas Eve
and thanks for the game!"

He said with a turn,
And then they were gone
With our money to burn,
Although fairly won.

"What a hell of a bink!"
I said to the boys,
And the dealer replied (with a wink):
"How do you think he pays for all those toys?"

A little rhyme I wrote for the CardsChat 2014 Holiday Promotion.