Sunday, November 23, 2014

Vegas Recap

So I was walking the pug today and saw a leaf spiraling down from a tree. That pretty much sums up how Vegas went for me lol.

Played 2x $125 Aria Daily's and ran into AA both times in push\fold territory. 33<AA and QQ<AA.

Busted 48/162ish in the $580 at WSOPC Planet Hollywood with Team CardsChat. The great thing is it was a Last Longer, and we chopped 3 ways after 7 players busted. So with the team discount and the chop, I was able to play the tourney for $173 which was awesome.

One of our team mates was on a massive heater and final-tabled the event, busting out in 8th for $3017. I railed until 2am because I didn't want to miss her run. It was a lot of fun but I was a zombie the next day.

Other than that, I dropped $100 in a Lord of the Rings slot, which made me feel disgusted, but at least I stuck to my budget.

Since then, I've decided to ramp up on Bovada and start playing some of the super stacks. Played a $2, $7, and $10 last night. Was close to cashing in the $10 but made a mistake or two and went out 44<TT with 8BB, over played 20 spots from the bubble. Wish I would hit my set in those spots.

Downloaded a poker profit\loss tracker called Entered all sessions from this year, which include several tourneys and two live cash sessions. I'm actually still up $290, but travel expenses in Vegas twice really killed me, hence retreating to Bovada for a while.

I've improved my game a bit though so it's all good. Got better and quicker at calculating pot odds, thanks to an iPad app. Still so much to learn tho, but will keep showing up.

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