Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Choctaw Fall Poker Series - MONSTER STACK

I'm super excited to play the Monster Stack tourney at Choctaw on 10\26, schedule here:

Cliff notes:

-$250 buyin
-$20k added!
-20k starting stack!!

We'll start with 400 big blinds and have a chance to actually play poker before the shove-fests begin. I'm using this as a warmup for WSOP Circuit in Planet Hollywood, where I'll play as part of Team CardsChat in a $580 event.

Next week I'll travel to Colorado to visit friends in Fort Collins who I haven't seen in 4 years. I'm looking forward to it, and there is a Mini-River event at Winstar that I'd love to play on the Monday after I return. I hope to play it but will have a hard time getting someone to cover for me. 

In other news, I bought a pair of Blue Shark Optics poker glasses and will give them a test run at Choctaw. They work reasonably well, but you definitely have to wear a hat to keep light out because the inside of the lenses are also too much light and you're looking through a reflection of your eyeballs. 8-|  (<--poker face)


Busted in 48th of 374-ish, and 45 were paid. Held AJo with no fold equity (4-5BB). AJo<K8s when he flops a king. Argggggh! Then had to do the two hour drive of shame. Insult to injury: left my iPhone charger in the hotel room and had to buy a replacement. :-/

Overall, I think I played reasonably well considering I never saw AA, KK, QQ, and I got pretty far on one bullet. The problem was I made a few folds that seemed correct at the time, but would have doubled or tripled me up. It's that balance between playing theoretically correct and going with your gut despite the odds. If I had gambled more, I most likely would have cashed, despite running terribly.

Had some people at my table with over $100k in cashes, so it was interesting to see what kind of players they were. I thought they were both loose aggressive and unnecessarily spewy. One of them mincashed but bought in twice.

The Blue Shark shades worked very well. A hat is necessary, but is already part of my table gear.

In other news, just got back from a visit with friends in Fort Collins, CO. We drove up to Rocky Mountain National Park and had a great time. Thought about going to Black Hawk, but opted instead to buy my hosts a poker set so we could enjoy a friendly home game. It was funny to everyone that the guy who is all serious about the game got owned by the n00bies.

That's poker!

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