Saturday, October 11, 2014

$1\$2 session at Winstar

Had a good session at Winstar last Sat night. Bought in for $200 and ended at $465 four hours later. Wish I could say there was some skill involved, but I mostly just had good hands and played TAG. I should have been running the table, but there were so many fish playing stuff like Q3o that it just seemed wise to lay traps and scoop chips.

Came home to a health emergency the next day, and spent most of the week visiting a family member in the hospital. Prognosis is good so far, but we're keeping a close watch.

Finished a pretty good book on Kindle: The Dark Side of the Felt by Tyler Nals. Had some interesting scenes that kept me turning the page.

Upcoming trips: Colorado for friends, and Vegas for new friends and hopefully some cash. We'll see.

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