Friday, September 5, 2014

MinCash World

Mincash World sounds like the name of a $1 store. :-)

Placed 6th in League tonight. Made the best of flopped quads:

Limped early with 22.
Villain limps behind.
BB checks.
Flop is Q22.
Checks around.
Turn is a ten, still rainbow board I think.
Checks around.
River is a 9.
Check, I bet the pot for 245.
Villain on my left reraises 2x pot, BB folds.
I reraise all in, he calls with the straight and I scoop.

Went mostly card dead on the final table, and shoved 56o into a similar shorty. Got called by K4o and he held. Had less than a BB afterward and was out in 6th.

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