Saturday, September 6, 2014

Creepy Music Post

Been catching up on some tv I've missed on Netflix and got hooked on Dexter. Always loved the eerie theme by Daniel Licht that plays during the end credits, although I prefer the mostly acoustic version to this one, which has some synth effects.

If you know something about time signatures, you'll understand that the theme is in 2\4. The more I've listened to the muted strings play the notes, the more I've realized what an almost perfect waltz it makes if you change the time signature to 3\4. You only have to adjust the music slightly in the fourth bar to make it fit.

I like to imagine that the theme is really a sinister waltz hiding behind a more methodical time signature. It fits Dexter to a T.

I thought the first season was brilliant. Slightly disappointed with the 2nd, but it's getting interesting.

Friday, September 5, 2014

MinCash World

Mincash World sounds like the name of a $1 store. :-)

Placed 6th in League tonight. Made the best of flopped quads:

Limped early with 22.
Villain limps behind.
BB checks.
Flop is Q22.
Checks around.
Turn is a ten, still rainbow board I think.
Checks around.
River is a 9.
Check, I bet the pot for 245.
Villain on my left reraises 2x pot, BB folds.
I reraise all in, he calls with the straight and I scoop.

Went mostly card dead on the final table, and shoved 56o into a similar shorty. Got called by K4o and he held. Had less than a BB afterward and was out in 6th.