Monday, August 11, 2014

Carbon Shark Week - WHO DA MAN?!?

womp womp...

Also mincashed for $2 in the Full Flush freeroll. Clearly playin to win tonight, lol!

Mostly listened to Robin Williams stand up on youtube. Such a funny person. The world would've intervened with thousands of prevention-hugs if it had been possible. 

EDIT: Another one below. At this rate, maybe I'll recover a buyin from the recent dollar frenzy.

Woohoo, rackin up dat cash, lol:

Oh it's on now! 61 of 5k+:

One more of these to go tomorrow night. The point really is to try to win 1st place which gives entry into the $2k gtd Shark Week final. What sucks is it appears that only the 1st place winners get invited to that, which is 6 players.

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