Friday, August 29, 2014


Just posting a mincash. Got killed in CC league again tonight. Having the worst season ever, even though it's only my 2nd lol. Ah well, two weeks to go, and hopefully will see a 1st or 2nd place and bag some points.

In other news, going to start writing on poker news topics for a site, under a pseudonym it appears but it's for pay. Will start out one article per week and see how it goes. Not sure my sched will allow more than that.

Also getting some ideas down for a novel. Dammit Jim, I'm a blogger not a novelist....but I have an idea that has gripped me for several months, and I want to see if I can learn enough to do it justice. I will probably self-pub it on Amazon free for the 1st 100 readers and see how it goes. Long way to go but the basic idea is coming together. 

Found out that one of the primary ideas (and the original title) has already been written into a soon-to-be-released movie, although in the horror genre. My overall idea is sufficiently different, although includes a similar prop, and is not horror. 

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