Sunday, July 27, 2014

Getting the game back on the rails.

So the good thing about playing a World Series of Poker event is that it can focus your studying efforts. I got more studying done in the 3 weeks before Vegas than I had in the prior 6 months. That's great, but the knowledge doesn't always transfer when you sit down to your first live tourney in half a year, lol. I could tell I was rusty as soon as the tourney director gave the "Shuffle Up and Deal" command.

Here's the biggest hand I played in the four hours of play before I busted out of LOFO:

I pick up 99 in the big blind with blinds at 25\50.
MP raises to 125 and the SB calls.
I 3-bet to 400, get a fold, then a call from the SB.
Flop is Q96 with two diamonds, so I hit my set but there is a diamond flush draw.
SB checks and I cbet 500 into a 925 pot.
SB reraises to 1200.

I lean back and act like I'm wondering what to do. Considering the pot is now pretty large relative to our stacks of 3400 to 3800 ish, I decide to shove.

Villain tanks and folds AQ.

I think the 3bet preflop was a bit aggressive. If the original raiser calls, then the SB is calling too, and I don't hit my set often enough there to justify the pf reraise, plus I'll be squeezed by them postflop. If I just call the raise pre, then my hand is very disguised and I'm likely to get more value when the SB and I both check and the pf raiser cbets. 

Anyway, would've been nice to get more hands in before I was a goner, but what can you do. At $1,111, rebuying was not an option.

Other than that, I'm playing CardsChat Summer League, and being quite the weak link on the team so far, but plenty of games left to contribute points. 

Been playing micro cash games on ACR just to get the feel for them again. Kind of got my ass handed to me for a few days, but have climbed back up into the positive.

Played 3 bullets in the Carbon $25K Dollar Frenzy today but kept getting killed on turns and rivers. Several people from CardsChat went deep into the field but not so deep into the prizepool. 1st place gets $3600+...not a bad return from $1.10. There were over 14,000 entries.

That's what's been going on, and I'll have more time to play and get my game back together soon. My family member who was going thru chemo will be completing that and I'll be able to take more weekend trips to the casinos to get something going. 

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