Monday, July 28, 2014

Full Flush freeroll, and ACR cash

Lost too many flips in the FF freeroll, but was otherwise happy with how I played. Punished a lot of limpers to pick up dead money. Nothing like a freeroll to get the "don't give a shit" back into your game. 

Loaded up three short micro tables on ACR and had enough luck to repair the bankroll to $113. Was down to $106 at one point over the weekend while I was learning how to fold again, lol. Expecting more swings though as this is micro-stakes.

Chatted with a CC friend about Bovada and I'm considering making a $300 deposit like I originally did. It's really hard to run up from $96ish currently with no freerolls going on, and I need a decent bankroll to justify playing $2, $5, and $10 tourneys where the deep runs pay up to $1500+ for first. 

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