Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bovada MTTs

Played a $2.20 and an $11 last night. Was playing well and aggressive in the $11 until I check-shoved 88 on a 9-high board and lost to A9o. I had min-raised pf with 16ish BB and he called from the button. Flop was check check and the villain bet half pot, and I shoved thinking maybe he missed. I expect him to 3-bet TT+ in position pre and didn't think he would call with a dominated ace because I usually don't do that myself. Sometimes they have it...but I could've cut his stack in half and thought I might have fold equity.

Fared better in the 2.20:

The cash really helps the bankroll since I'm trying to avoid redepositing. I had maybe $86 in there and had no biz playing an $11 on such a low bankroll, but it worked out ok this time in one of them.

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