Monday, May 5, 2014


I've had a decent run with Sit-n-Go's lately, cashing in 2 triple-ups and 2 standard SnGs which increased the current bankroll to $95.53. It's hardly newsworthy, but anything north is in the right direction.

Still hoping to final table the RTR Free again soon. It's a lot harder now that the player pool has doubled.

In other news I played the 2nd tournament of the Guys vs Gals series at CardsChat on Sunday, and survived to 5th place before being outkicked with 9Ts vs TJo, aipf with a flush draw and top pair. How can I lose that hand with so many outs? #coinflip

Played a hand that made me feel dumb, even though I won. It was against arguably one of the better players at CC. Can't remember the blinds but we both had similar stacks with roughly 20bb each. He raises 2.5x from MP and I just call from the button with AKo.

Flop is all low & rainbow and I'm hoping he just has unpaired overs like me. He c-bets 3\4 of the pot and I jam. He tanks for about 30 seconds and makes the call (I'm slightly covered). He flips up AQo for 2nd nut-nothing and I just felt dumb because he caught me on a stone-cold bluff, which btw I'm sure he took notes on and will skillfully use against me later.

Honestly I just tilted and wanted to outplay him because he outplayed me pretty hard in a hand or two during Winter League. Neither of us said anything in chat. I didn't acknowledge any NH comments because I felt like I got caught. Had to tighten up a bit after that.

Another player who had the field crushed with a huge lead just started chip-dumping near the end. I called him with most hands with decent equity and doubled up. Hard to complain about getting chips but it bothers me when someone just gets bored and stops playing to win after stacking several players.

Ah well...just a card game.

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