Thursday, May 22, 2014

Vegas mirage

It would be fantastic to go back to Vegas this summer, but I can't get anyone to cover for me for the 5-7 days I would need to be away. Really wanted to go play the Little One for One Drop with the team from CC, but will have to sit this one out and opt for something closer like the CardPlayer Poker Tour when it stops at Choctaw.

I had some brm concerns too, although I could write off half the buyin as vacay. I'm just much better rolled for games around $300. According to a post on 2+2 though, most of the players who buyin at the $1000-ish levels at the WSOP are those who normally take shots at $365 on the Circuit so the field is supposedly very soft.

I know there will be close to 20 players repping CC that will be turning up the heat though. Can't wait to rail and see who comes out on top of the last-longest race and hopefully deep in the money.

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