Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

Spent the day with family, cooking hamburgers and mostly sharing laughs.

I thought of my dad several times who was an Air Force medic in the Korean Conflict. His mind was never the same after he returned and we were not that close due to my youth and lack of understanding at the time, but I respect him for serving our country and for having done his best under the circumstances of mental illness. He passed on in 1995, and I played taps for him at sunset on the day of his burial.

I wanted to visit his gravesite today, but it was raining by the time I had a break to get out. I see it often though because his tall, white Air Force tombstone leans back a bit from the other civilian memorials, and is easy to see on a road that I frequently travel. I tell my niece his tombstone leans back because he wants to stand out from the row and doesn't want us to forget about him.

During sunset today, the sky had a look suggesting there might be a rainbow about. I grabbed the pug for an evening walk and caught a brushstroke of color in the eastern sky above the lake. It was a fleeting moment and a peaceful sight after the storms moved through:

It's almost 20 years since my father passed away, and I hope his soul is at peace.

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