Saturday, May 10, 2014

D.E.D World

Two of my neighbor's dogs have gone missing in recent months, and the other day my pug was attacked by a stray. I spoke to my neighbor about the attack and she said the same stray tried to carry off her new pup, so it's true: it really is a dog-eat-dog world out there, and our #1 suspect is confirmed. I've already called the animal control division of the sheriff's office, and they've been out for this dog before.

Despite my previous lighthearted entry on the topic, I have mixed feelings about harming this stray lab mix who has been making meals of neighborhood pups. I raked leaves into piles and left them for her in the winter to burrow into and keep warm. I feed her scraps near the edge of the woods so she won't go hungry. She has shown aggression toward me in the past, but now wags her tail in appreciation when I leave her a meal, and almost allowed me to pet her once.

Truth is the neighborhood has adopted her to some degree, but no one has fully taken her in. Now I'm asking AC to take her away for euthanization because she was seconds away from destroying a four-legged family member, my twice-daily walking buddy.

We have seen this before when a territorial male stray killed the family pet, one of the most loyal dogs I've known, and it was a tough thing to get over. So once again the line is drawn, and it's a matter of time before AC finds the old dog napping in the summer sun and slips the catcher's noose around her neck.

Until then, the highlight of her days will be the neighbor firing up his Harley Davidson which she loves because it signals her favorite game of chase-the-motorcycle. He may be her only true human friend in the world and will likely be her last. I suppose the real meaning of "blood is thicker than water" would mostly be lost on her, even if she could understand "human".

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