Saturday, May 31, 2014

CC Freeroll and Guys vs Gals

Freeroll: AKo < KQo when villain filled a straight.


Made some mistakes in this one:

- I c-bet in position with air vs 2 players on a board with a flush draw. It's ok to check behind every time there unless I'm on a draw or have the nuts. Should really be suspicious of two checks, and know that at least one of them will call with a draw with lots of turn cards that can put me in a bad spot.

- I had AKs facing a raise from IB. Should 3-bet every time against most players but especially a lag. I just called and the button 3-bet hard and got a call from IB and myself. I missed the flop (was all low) but had a gutshot, then called an all in from the button. I figured he would probably bluff at it due to the pot being bigger than the rest of his stack, and he did with AJo. Then he hit runner runner to fill a diamond flush.

- Called an all-in with JQs from a player who I think would have 99+ and KJs or better there, with likely an ace on board. A7s > JQs. Had 45% and didn't hit. Not a horrible call, but was made with mostly my hand in mind and not her range. Was short-stacked though and felt it was time to pull the trigger.

- Made a risky bluff early on by double-barreling with AKo from SB. Seems like a mistake afterward because I did it oop without much thought. Also showed the bluff, which was a bad idea. In general, I think doing cocky things like that can come back to haunt you later unless you start playing with a shred of humility again. Better to muck and keep people guessing. 

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