Saturday, May 31, 2014

CC Freeroll and Guys vs Gals

Freeroll: AKo < KQo when villain filled a straight.


Made some mistakes in this one:

- I c-bet in position with air vs 2 players on a board with a flush draw. It's ok to check behind every time there unless I'm on a draw or have the nuts. Should really be suspicious of two checks, and know that at least one of them will call with a draw with lots of turn cards that can put me in a bad spot.

- I had AKs facing a raise from IB. Should 3-bet every time against most players but especially a lag. I just called and the button 3-bet hard and got a call from IB and myself. I missed the flop (was all low) but had a gutshot, then called an all in from the button. I figured he would probably bluff at it due to the pot being bigger than the rest of his stack, and he did with AJo. Then he hit runner runner to fill a diamond flush.

- Called an all-in with JQs from a player who I think would have 99+ and KJs or better there, with likely an ace on board. A7s > JQs. Had 45% and didn't hit. Not a horrible call, but was made with mostly my hand in mind and not her range. Was short-stacked though and felt it was time to pull the trigger.

- Made a risky bluff early on by double-barreling with AKo from SB. Seems like a mistake afterward because I did it oop without much thought. Also showed the bluff, which was a bad idea. In general, I think doing cocky things like that can come back to haunt you later unless you start playing with a shred of humility again. Better to muck and keep people guessing. 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

this (sng strat)

"With no danger of getting knocked out, if you make 60-40 bets all day getting 2-1 you'll end up rich." -Daniel Skolovy


"I'm amazed at the players I see folding hands with incredible odds. As a rule of thumb, if you're getting better than 2-1 you should have a pretty good reason for not calling." -DS

Distracted by Distractions

Time to get the poker train back on the rails. I've allowed too many creative diversions lately to keep me from my goals in the game: video here, sample article there, photography, you name it. It's fun to do those things but none of it helps me move forward with the game and the dreamboard.

My task list on Balanced is severely neglected...too embarrassing to post. Just got a reminder from the app:

"Are you feeling balanced?"

Oh yeah, nothing that a giant life-chiropractor coudn't fix!

Back to the grindstone...

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Inspiring Local Story

Saw a Texas Country Reporter episode today featuring Roxanne Russell Roundtree, an ALS patient who wrote an entire cookbook from her wheelchair by blinking her eyes to select words and phrases.

I have some familiarity with ALS through an old acquaintance who is a neurologist and specialist in the disease. Her uncle was stricken with ALS at age 50, way too young to be taken.

Here is the episode featuring Roxanne:

Awesome lady and family.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


It's getting more difficult to resist the two free nights deal that Winstar has been sending every month. I just wish their lower buyin tourneys had structures like those at Choctaw Durant, because at Winstar you're in jam mode too quickly and they are high variance. I almost don't care though and need the getaway:

"Now featuring resort style pool, pool bar and cabanas."

Sounds good to me. They were finishing up the pool area on my last trip and it was looking nice. Gonna check the calendar and align a few planets, hopefully during a poker tournament event.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

Spent the day with family, cooking hamburgers and mostly sharing laughs.

I thought of my dad several times who was an Air Force medic in the Korean Conflict. His mind was never the same after he returned and we were not that close due to my youth and lack of understanding at the time, but I respect him for serving our country and for having done his best under the circumstances of mental illness. He passed on in 1995, and I played taps for him at sunset on the day of his burial.

I wanted to visit his gravesite today, but it was raining by the time I had a break to get out. I see it often though because his tall, white Air Force tombstone leans back a bit from the other civilian memorials, and is easy to see on a road that I frequently travel. I tell my niece his tombstone leans back because he wants to stand out from the row and doesn't want us to forget about him.

During sunset today, the sky had a look suggesting there might be a rainbow about. I grabbed the pug for an evening walk and caught a brushstroke of color in the eastern sky above the lake. It was a fleeting moment and a peaceful sight after the storms moved through:

It's almost 20 years since my father passed away, and I hope his soul is at peace.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Vegas mirage

It would be fantastic to go back to Vegas this summer, but I can't get anyone to cover for me for the 5-7 days I would need to be away. Really wanted to go play the Little One for One Drop with the team from CC, but will have to sit this one out and opt for something closer like the CardPlayer Poker Tour when it stops at Choctaw.

I had some brm concerns too, although I could write off half the buyin as vacay. I'm just much better rolled for games around $300. According to a post on 2+2 though, most of the players who buyin at the $1000-ish levels at the WSOP are those who normally take shots at $365 on the Circuit so the field is supposedly very soft.

I know there will be close to 20 players repping CC that will be turning up the heat though. Can't wait to rail and see who comes out on top of the last-longest race and hopefully deep in the money.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

Visited my mother at the rehab center and we had lunch together, after which I gave her some gifts: new clothes etc. She went into the hospital a week and a half ago with abdominal pain and the doc said she passed a gall stone. They treated her for an infection as well, and sent her to rehab afterward because the hospital stay made her weak.

She's looking great for pocket 7s, and after 5 doses of chemo for Hodgkin's Lymphoma. She will resume treatment as soon as the rehab facility says she's strong enough. Hopefully by next Thanksgiving or Christmas she'll be done with chemo and can ring the brass bell at the oncologist's office. Gonna get that on video for sure. She's a strong woman. For someone who never drove because she feared 18-wheelers on busy highways, my mother is otherwise fearless and will still give those who need it a good cussing. None of that today though, and usually only when necessary. 

Mother's Day was indeed Happy.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

D.E.D World

Two of my neighbor's dogs have gone missing in recent months, and the other day my pug was attacked by a stray. I spoke to my neighbor about the attack and she said the same stray tried to carry off her new pup, so it's true: it really is a dog-eat-dog world out there, and our #1 suspect is confirmed. I've already called the animal control division of the sheriff's office, and they've been out for this dog before.

Despite my previous lighthearted entry on the topic, I have mixed feelings about harming this stray lab mix who has been making meals of neighborhood pups. I raked leaves into piles and left them for her in the winter to burrow into and keep warm. I feed her scraps near the edge of the woods so she won't go hungry. She has shown aggression toward me in the past, but now wags her tail in appreciation when I leave her a meal, and almost allowed me to pet her once.

Truth is the neighborhood has adopted her to some degree, but no one has fully taken her in. Now I'm asking AC to take her away for euthanization because she was seconds away from destroying a four-legged family member, my twice-daily walking buddy.

We have seen this before when a territorial male stray killed the family pet, one of the most loyal dogs I've known, and it was a tough thing to get over. So once again the line is drawn, and it's a matter of time before AC finds the old dog napping in the summer sun and slips the catcher's noose around her neck.

Until then, the highlight of her days will be the neighbor firing up his Harley Davidson which she loves because it signals her favorite game of chase-the-motorcycle. He may be her only true human friend in the world and will likely be her last. I suppose the real meaning of "blood is thicker than water" would mostly be lost on her, even if she could understand "human".

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pug Earns Street Cred

At approximately 2:30 PM CST yesterday, a vivacious pug named Lily darted from the door of her East Texas owner's home when she spotted a neighborhood stray, known locally as "Mama dog", at play with a pint-sized sidekick.

Mama D interpreted the pug's approach as a sign of aggression and immediately attacked, thrashing the confused, blunt-faced pup in her jaws while the victim tried in vain to defend herself with a mouth mostly designed for extracting cotton stuffing from vintage teddy bears with missing eyes. 

Upon witnessing the dusty scuffle, the pug's owner began repeatedly shouting "NO!" and broke into an adrenaline-fueled run toward the canine combatants. Asked whether he intended to bite the dog like a mother reportedly did to protect her child recently, the owner replied "No, but I have been practicing my gangster kick for years after seeing the move perfected on many a mob flick featuring Joe Pesci, now get the f*ck outta heah or I'll practice it on you, capiche?"

Sensing that the proud pug-owner's adrenaline had not yet worn off, the author retreated inside to write a blog post about the incident later that night, during which he realized he was also the pug-owner and moved on to the next paragraph to avoid an awkward moment.

After the dogfight, in which Lily was mostly engaged in an aerial battle, the pug retreated indoors and uncharacteristically resisted the urge to bite the hand that feeds her. The hair around her two puncture wounds was shaved with electric shears while her owner commented in a Dr Evilish voice "There really is nothing like a shorn pug. It's breathtaking. I suggest you try it..."

A short time later, the shaken and stirred pug was rushed to a nearby veterinary clinic to receive a dose of antibiotics for her wounds. Meanwhile the local sheriff deputy arrived to make note of the incident, and to put a warrant out for the would-be pug-killer's arrest. Upon shaking the pug's paw, he asked "Who would want to hurt a cute little thing like that?"

Pug owners in the area are advised to remember the See Pug Run books of their childhood (and the Who Let the Dogs Out song), and to take measures to prevent the running of the pugs from briefly opened doorways.

Monday, May 5, 2014


I've had a decent run with Sit-n-Go's lately, cashing in 2 triple-ups and 2 standard SnGs which increased the current bankroll to $95.53. It's hardly newsworthy, but anything north is in the right direction.

Still hoping to final table the RTR Free again soon. It's a lot harder now that the player pool has doubled.

In other news I played the 2nd tournament of the Guys vs Gals series at CardsChat on Sunday, and survived to 5th place before being outkicked with 9Ts vs TJo, aipf with a flush draw and top pair. How can I lose that hand with so many outs? #coinflip

Played a hand that made me feel dumb, even though I won. It was against arguably one of the better players at CC. Can't remember the blinds but we both had similar stacks with roughly 20bb each. He raises 2.5x from MP and I just call from the button with AKo.

Flop is all low & rainbow and I'm hoping he just has unpaired overs like me. He c-bets 3\4 of the pot and I jam. He tanks for about 30 seconds and makes the call (I'm slightly covered). He flips up AQo for 2nd nut-nothing and I just felt dumb because he caught me on a stone-cold bluff, which btw I'm sure he took notes on and will skillfully use against me later.

Honestly I just tilted and wanted to outplay him because he outplayed me pretty hard in a hand or two during Winter League. Neither of us said anything in chat. I didn't acknowledge any NH comments because I felt like I got caught. Had to tighten up a bit after that.

Another player who had the field crushed with a huge lead just started chip-dumping near the end. I called him with most hands with decent equity and doubled up. Hard to complain about getting chips but it bothers me when someone just gets bored and stops playing to win after stacking several players.

Ah well...just a card game.