Sunday, April 27, 2014

CardsChat Freeroll on Bovada

Took 2nd of 89 in this one on Saturday for a nice boost to the bankroll. Really need to bink the RTR Freeroll though to make significant headway this year. Started off great today after calling a donkey bingo player aipf twice with 77, hitting a set both times. Once on the flop, then next on the turn.

Another chipleader at my table nailed a couple of sets on me and I chipped down a bit. Made a mistake when the guy on my right raised to 400 and I couldn't see what the BB was because the player had been sitting out and had less than one bb. I reshoved with AQo and 15bb, he flips AKs and I was out.

Won a cheapo SnG though so I'm up to $79 after cashing out $1940 a month or so ago. Got a long way to go to hit my goal of $5000 this year. Would be easier if I hadn't cashed out but didn't see the point in leaving much $$ in with Adelson's anti-online-poker shenanigans going on in the House.

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