Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Da Beans...

We're having a good week in CC Winter League. Despite losing points last week due to a no-show in one game, we've managed to bump back up to 2nd as of today. I cranked out what seemed an unlikely win on Monday in Game 31. Got seriously beat up early (outplayed) by a player who floated nearly every c-bet where I missed and had position. So I tightened up and doubled through him, then picked decent spots to chip up.

When it got down to heads up, I had 8,878 against a stack of 36,122 and managed to get evenly stacked. Lost down to 10k again but won another flip, then chipped away at him. Won the final hand by shoving K8s and hitting a flush.

Another player took a 2nd place today to help us widen the gap between 2nd and 3rd, and bring us closer to contention for 1st. Still plenty of games left so anything can happen, but glad to see us up there near the top. There are some very very (very) good players at CC, so this has been a good learning experience for sure.

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