Tuesday, March 18, 2014

CC League Home Stretch

With 8 games remaining, we're currently 2nd and I'm 10th of 75 in the MVP race, although effectively out because I would have to knock several home runs to improve my average enough to win, and I only have one game left.

Busted in 5th of 15 Monday night which bites because I was going for a 3peat. Played a hand poorly out of position, then tilted on the next hand shoving 88 with 16BB left. A minraise would have been enough, but I risked, got called by JJ and didn't improve. Really wanted to get us into first but you have to avoid mistakes and overplaying. 

Once again: The problem with shoving a mid-pair there is you only get called by a better pair or two overs and you're flipping with a slight edge at most. Patience...

Luckily the Rangers busted in 15th both nights so that allowed us to close the gap to just 9 points off the lead, but there are a disturbing number of teams above the 1000 threshold now so we need some home runs to pull ahead.

Feels like the Rangers are just handing it to us and we're not closing the deal. I forget what the prizes are and don't really care. Just want to win and have enjoyed meeting and playing against some great poker players.

In other news, I participated in a staking deal for the first time as a backer buying 4% of action on a player\horse with some solid stats and a great reputation in the community. She tripled her investors' money last fall at Borgata so I figured why not, since I have a nice bankroll built up and won't be playing any live tournaments myself for awhile until we get my mother through chemo.

Profit or loss, I'm excited for her and hope she has a great run for herself and the rail. It will be exciting to watch the thread at CC for pics and updates during her adventure, a WSOPC event in April.

That's all for now. Gotta quit staying up so late...and get back on my study plan...and take a vacation...and ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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