Monday, March 10, 2014

Another 1st

Managed to post another 1st place tonight in CardsChat League, but we still have a points gap to close at 2nd place. I think I mostly played well, but hard to know when you can't go back and see peoples' cards like you can on Bovada. I did get outplayed a few times while c-betting out of position.

A lot could change in the next few weeks, especially when the points multiplier doubles. 

In other news, I played the RTR $500 freeroll yesterday and busted 10th of 89 players: 888<JJJ on the turn. 

Invested in a few new DNs over the last few days. Hand-reg'd a few niche names that would be perfect for product or training sites, and I think they'll be easy to market based on common social media use of a term in the names. 

I'm really getting into the possibilities in this area, obviously after selling one for lower mid four-figures recently. Looking back, I probably left some money on the table in that negotiation, but I got them up 33% from the initial and it was an excellent score for my first sale. 

Next time I will be much more prepared to negotiate because I have created a spreadsheet with price history on similar names sold since 2005. 

I'm looking around at ways to get some of my existing names sold too. At this point, I'd be happy to break even on most of them and chalk it up to wading in a little (ok alot) too deep. It happens to n00b DNers whose brain-storming and inexperience leads them to gamble too much before they know what kind of names and extensions are valuable. Funny that it went the same way as my initial foray into poker (downswing), except I hit a rare homerun on the first sale. Yay, let's try this again with some research and better bankroll management...

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