Friday, March 28, 2014

CardsChat Winter League 2014 Results

Not 1st, but not bad. We moved up a spot to finish in 3rd thanks to a great final game by Zorba in Australia.

Prizes for 3rd are 30-day DragTheBar training site memberships. WooHoo!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Sunday, March 23, 2014

CC Winter League Final Week

Tomorrow starts the final week of league and I'll be up to bat. Thanks to an incredible game played by our team captain VFranks, we are in first place. Should be an exciting week and hopefully we can maintain our current position...just have to minimize mistakes and maximize points. No tilting allowed or getting too far out on a limb from bluffing out of position etc.

I had a good chance to win another 1st last Monday but a few misplays caused me to settle for 5th. I was running so hot. Picked up KK at least 3 times and AA twice. Hope to run well tomorrow, or just play well.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

CC League Home Stretch

With 8 games remaining, we're currently 2nd and I'm 10th of 75 in the MVP race, although effectively out because I would have to knock several home runs to improve my average enough to win, and I only have one game left.

Busted in 5th of 15 Monday night which bites because I was going for a 3peat. Played a hand poorly out of position, then tilted on the next hand shoving 88 with 16BB left. A minraise would have been enough, but I risked, got called by JJ and didn't improve. Really wanted to get us into first but you have to avoid mistakes and overplaying. 

Once again: The problem with shoving a mid-pair there is you only get called by a better pair or two overs and you're flipping with a slight edge at most. Patience...

Luckily the Rangers busted in 15th both nights so that allowed us to close the gap to just 9 points off the lead, but there are a disturbing number of teams above the 1000 threshold now so we need some home runs to pull ahead.

Feels like the Rangers are just handing it to us and we're not closing the deal. I forget what the prizes are and don't really care. Just want to win and have enjoyed meeting and playing against some great poker players.

In other news, I participated in a staking deal for the first time as a backer buying 4% of action on a player\horse with some solid stats and a great reputation in the community. She tripled her investors' money last fall at Borgata so I figured why not, since I have a nice bankroll built up and won't be playing any live tournaments myself for awhile until we get my mother through chemo.

Profit or loss, I'm excited for her and hope she has a great run for herself and the rail. It will be exciting to watch the thread at CC for pics and updates during her adventure, a WSOPC event in April.

That's all for now. Gotta quit staying up so late...and get back on my study plan...and take a vacation...and ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Monday, March 10, 2014

Another 1st

Managed to post another 1st place tonight in CardsChat League, but we still have a points gap to close at 2nd place. I think I mostly played well, but hard to know when you can't go back and see peoples' cards like you can on Bovada. I did get outplayed a few times while c-betting out of position.

A lot could change in the next few weeks, especially when the points multiplier doubles. 

In other news, I played the RTR $500 freeroll yesterday and busted 10th of 89 players: 888<JJJ on the turn. 

Invested in a few new DNs over the last few days. Hand-reg'd a few niche names that would be perfect for product or training sites, and I think they'll be easy to market based on common social media use of a term in the names. 

I'm really getting into the possibilities in this area, obviously after selling one for lower mid four-figures recently. Looking back, I probably left some money on the table in that negotiation, but I got them up 33% from the initial and it was an excellent score for my first sale. 

Next time I will be much more prepared to negotiate because I have created a spreadsheet with price history on similar names sold since 2005. 

I'm looking around at ways to get some of my existing names sold too. At this point, I'd be happy to break even on most of them and chalk it up to wading in a little (ok alot) too deep. It happens to n00b DNers whose brain-storming and inexperience leads them to gamble too much before they know what kind of names and extensions are valuable. Funny that it went the same way as my initial foray into poker (downswing), except I hit a rare homerun on the first sale. Yay, let's try this again with some research and better bankroll management...

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Chemo Round 1 results

My mother fared extraordinarily well after her first chemo treatment for Hodgkin's Lymphoma. We are really encouraged by the strength she's showing and look forward to her ringing the bell at the oncology center after her treatment is complete. It will be a long journey, but I'm convinced she can make it. 

I asked the dr for nutritional advice but it was clear to me that he didn't have much faith in so-called "cancer diets". Even so, we're making sure she gets plenty of protein, fruits, and vegetables to stay healthy. We're also trying some Young Living Essential Oils: Frankincense, Myrhh, Lemon, and Peppermint...anything to give her a fighting chance.

Da Beans...

We're having a good week in CC Winter League. Despite losing points last week due to a no-show in one game, we've managed to bump back up to 2nd as of today. I cranked out what seemed an unlikely win on Monday in Game 31. Got seriously beat up early (outplayed) by a player who floated nearly every c-bet where I missed and had position. So I tightened up and doubled through him, then picked decent spots to chip up.

When it got down to heads up, I had 8,878 against a stack of 36,122 and managed to get evenly stacked. Lost down to 10k again but won another flip, then chipped away at him. Won the final hand by shoving K8s and hitting a flush.

Another player took a 2nd place today to help us widen the gap between 2nd and 3rd, and bring us closer to contention for 1st. Still plenty of games left so anything can happen, but glad to see us up there near the top. There are some very very (very) good players at CC, so this has been a good learning experience for sure.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Miracle on DN Street

Good news, no one!

Back in this post I lamented about speculating in the domain name market, and then got a premium offer in January on a dn that I snapped up in April of 2013 with no history of traffic, but a ton of potential value imo. I negotiated for 33% more than the original offer and the buyer agreed. Then a month passed with no sign of the buyer paying up...until Saturday, March 1 when I got a "payment received" message from Sedo.

I was just getting ready to ask the transfer agent what my recourse was against a non-paying bidder\inquirer (dn was not up for auction), and was thinking what a cruel joke someone had played.

I pushed the domain as instructed on Monday and the agreed upon amount was credited to my bank account today in what feels like a miracle, though is probably just another of many transactions in the market.

After binge-buying $1000+ of names that sounded good at the time, I had resigned myself to the fate of a n00b domainer who would not be willing to reregister them every year indefinitely. What I should have done is buy the best of what I found available, then invest in a somewhat premium dn that would cost me beans to rereg every year.

Mistakes made, and lessons learned, but this little venture has netted me close to 300% profit and is nearly four times the amount of any tournament score I've had. Unbelievable. I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority of domainers who get a $,$$$ offer on their first sale, and I am extremely grateful for the luck of the draw. I don't expect it to happen again any time soon though, and will stick with my plan of trying to sell off most of the portfolio and cutting those losses to avoid grinding up gains.

I prefer not to list the domain name here, but it is listed in Sedo's recent sales today and shouldn't be too hard to figure out from the context of my blog. ;-) I hope the buyer does something great with it.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bovada Cashout :-(

I did something today that I had wanted to avoid: cashed out most of my Bovada balance, just under $2k. I don't need the $$; I just won't be able to play a lot of MTTs any time soon due the need to focus on a family health issue, so it made sense to cash out in case Texas makes a move to prevent Texans from playing Texas Holdem. #irony

Also, if Black Friday taught US players anything, it's to avoid keeping money in your poker accounts for too long until America catches up to the rest of the world on the fact that poker is more like investing than gambling.

Due to a deep run last November (4th of 1500+ in a $10+$1), I was so over-rolled for the games I was playing that I didn't worry too much about variance or results. Now it's just money without a purpose other than protecting it from potential misguided political shenanigans. And it will be harder to hit my goal of $5k without being properly rolled to play games that can get me there. 

In the meantime, I will concentrate on freerolls, SnGs, and CardsChat league and special events. They are great about keeping things fun and interesting for the active members of the site, and it's cool to get to know some of the regs a little better.

In better news, I hope to have something positive to report on the domain name speculation front, but I don't want to jinx it until the deal is done. More later.