Saturday, February 22, 2014

Winter League Game 25

I jumped in the Friday game last night and snagged a 3rd for the team. Mostly happy with how I played. Made another thin shove with A7o from the SB with around 12bb and got called by AK. Flop was all spades; so was the turn, and I had the ace of spades. No flush but I held with a pair of sevens.

Villain was unhappy but that's a routine shove with my stack there I think. I said in a previous post that I wasn't proud of a similar shove, but it was only the result I wasn't proud of. I could probably minraise and get away from an inferior hand, but the BB is so rarely going to show up with a good hand that I think it's a standard ICM\game theory play. 

Shoved over a raise later with A4 of hearts and beat something like A9o with a runner runner flush. Thought that was the correct move as well based on my stack, and was lucky again.

Had kind of a blowup when we were down to three though. Had about 15k and minraised+ K3o from the SB, and got kind of a min 3-bet. I min 4-betted the villain to around 4k and we saw an ace-high flop with a heart draw. This is where I misplayed...

I bet just under half the pot and he jammed. Had to fold and he showed 56o (think he had a small piece of the flop)...very well played and made a strong read. He's probably the strongest player in league and is currently MVP.

I think it was possibly a mistake not to 4-bet shove preflop based on some prior action and the light 3-bet, and it was a mistake not to consider what I would do on the flop if I bet and he jammed. He doesn't have to have a great hand there to shove...just a good read and the guts to pull the trigger.

Ah well, fun stuff. Points multipliers go into effect next week, and I'm up to bat again Monday with some players I haven't seen yet. Will be taking notes for sure.

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