Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Winter League Game 12

Ugh...13th. Bluffed off half my stack (lines didn't make sense) then had a lucky double at push\fold time ATo > A8o...villain flopped an 8 but I turned a 10.

Down to 14bb or so, I shoved from the sb with QhTh and was called by a similar stack with KhJh...lol @ both cards incrementally dominated and the same suits. Both of us missed and I donated. She trusted her read and made a good call, which brings up a good point:

You can't play the same against people who have seen you turning over and winning with trash, so no one was buying it and they were right. This is no anonymous Bovada tourney, and these are good players with good memories.

Downshift, double up, upshift...and use better image-management.

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