Sunday, February 16, 2014

RTR Free

Gone are the days of super-short fields in the RTR $500 freeroll on Bovada, but it was easy money while it lasted, lol. Racked up $460 from June through Dec of 2013 when the fields were under 50 (we're getting close to 100 now).

Was doing ok today until I lost a hand with AK of clubs. I three-bet all in and got called by JJ. I hit a flush draw on the flop but the villain nailed a set. Brick on the turn, and to my relief a club on the river. 




paired the board? Seriously??

And the chips slide to the villain and yes, as a matter of fact I do look like "a man who is beaten by jacks" tyvm.

Shoved AJo very next hand and get called by the same player who had 88, and of course they hold and I'm out. Might as well give him ALL my chips. 

Just another Sunday afternoon. 

Went fishing with my niece for the first time in 2014. Busted there too. Apparently not my day to catch any kind of fish.

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