Saturday, February 1, 2014

New 2014 League Outline

Received this from the league host. Not sure if I'll be able to join again though due to some recent family health challenges.

The one thing I don't quite like is the WSOPC part. $365 is such a low buyin that you don't really need to be "staked" in this way. It makes more sense to pay $100 each for a chance to play the main event for $1600+.

Here is 2014 season outline.. 
  • League Dues ~ $75.00 due no later than March Event… 
  • Each event will be $30.00 
  • Golden Bounty be back in 2014 $10.00
    • $5.00 for each knock out
    • Remaining pot is divided in half.  Half going towards final table and half towards golden bound winner and Final table appearances payout
  • Two tournaments per event. 
  • Starting stack will be moved to $8,000…  With this change the 1st tournament will be over around 10:00pm, 2nd tournament will be over at 1:00am
  • This season we will remove your 4 lowest scores…  ~ If you miss two events your point total will not be affected… 
  • Bonus points this season for each final table you make (remaining 9 players) 
    • 5 points for each appearance
  • Blinding in players and points… 
    • Players will can be blinded in in the event that they are late to the tournament.  If a player has asked to be blinded in and does bot arrive until after the 3 blind level his chips are removed, and the entry fee is due.  When the stake is removed points will be earned based remaining players in the tournament.  
  • Player Etiquette
    • One player per hand, no providing guidance to a player on calling or folding. If you are in the hand you may talk to the other players remaining in the hand. 
    • Declare your action ~ either an amount or state raise, raise must be double the original amount. if the blinds are 200 and you throw in a 1000 chip it is a 200 bet or a flat call…  
    • Slow play.  We all understand at times it takes time to make a decision…  Understand that the blinds are running and we have a timeline we would like to stay under.  Please make the most your time and decision process… If a player asks for the clock you will have 60 second to make a decision, or your hand is folded.
    • Must bet or raise the nuts…  
    •  We have a great group of guys, the above messages are not directed towards anyone…  Just reminders that this league is designed to improve your game and give you a solid understanding of the how the game is played in the event that you play in a WSOP event or a live cash game in any casino… 
  • WSOP event in January 2015
    • If you want to enter a chance to play in a $365 WSOP Ring event.  your entry fee here is $50.  If we have 15 players that choose to take part in this that will be $750.  We will review  our point totals after the November event and the top two players in points will represent the league in a ring event…  Should the player / players reach the money round, the players that bought in for $50 will share 50% of the cash earned less taxes paid by the cashing player.  Example… Charlie is point leader after Nov, we buy his seat out of the $50 collected  He takes 4th place after taxes the prize pool would have been $30,000.  Charlie gets $15,000 and the  players who joined in (10) each get $1,500.   The prize pot for winning the event was $115,989 in 2014…  Nice pot odds…  
  • White board will be set for side bets…  (Known as the “BillBoard”) 
    • Bill will be setting odds on the 2014 final table… 

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