Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Winter League week 5 etc

Played ok today, 7th out of 15. Made a thin shove I wasn't proud of with A7s<AJo, but was hoping to pick up blinds. Battled back a bit though.

Bustout hand: Picked up KK in early pos with 13 bb or so. Raised 2.5x to 1000 and got two callers...ugh. Flop was 8Qx. I check, chipleader bets half the pot, next guy shoves. Felt like tptk so I called and had him dominated until an ace fell on the river. 

Sitting out the live league game this week. Still not sure if myself and a friend are committing to the season. Based on how we both did last season it's +EV to continue, but we're trying to figure out if we might be better off playing the tournaments at Choctaw with decent structures and antes. 

I so wish Winstar would change their structures on the low buyin tourneys. It's hard to justify playing even the $60 ones because the structure is so bad\fast and forces you to depend primarily on luck to win. Maybe the two free nights makes it kind of worth it, but still.

The reason why I played the $365 at WSOPC was to avoid the lousy structures at the lower buyins, and it paid off 3x ($1473, so my buyin plus $1108 profit). Can't see myself ever playing the $125s except for the 3-day donkfest with good starting stacks and a reasonable structure. 

In other news, and the main reason to sit out on live league this year:

We find out what type of cancer a family member has tomorrow. Dr suspects low grade lymphoma which is treatable. In fact, I already know the drug he'll prescribe (rituxan) because I heard him give the spiel through thin walls to another patient last week- the reality of confidentiality.

Hopefully it's not something more serious. The lymph node that was visibly swollen has gone down considerably since she first noticed it, so I hope that is a good sign.

I wouldn't feel right being away even a few days a month if it's something that requires chemo. In that case League can wait, but I'll definitely miss playing cards with a great group.

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