Thursday, February 20, 2014

CardsChat $100k seat added

Placed 3rd of 29 tonight for a little cash. Played mostly well except a few spots where I probably should have open-shoved. Guy on my right at the final table was ruthless and routinely shoved any two from the small blind. It was like David and Goliath. I actually found a stone to throw once for a double up...AA>JJ but went mostly card-dead afterward.

Really wanted the ticket to the $100k, but would've had to win several flips to contend with the chipleaders. Didn't get to the FT with a fighting stack and was lucky to survive to 3rd. 

I'm very close to crossing $2k again in the Bovada bankroll, but need a deep run in an MTT to get closer to my goal of $5k.

In other ramblings, I hope the rumors on Reddit about the DOJ stepping in to shutdown Bovada aren't true. They still have the scary banner up at Bodog though.

And hopefully someday it will be fully legal to play Texas Holdem online in Texas...ya know.

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