Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bovada $7.5k GTD Super Stack

Good grief, the Super Stacks are long tournaments. Played for almost 6 hours. Started with a 5000 stack, was up to 300k near the end, and busted with 131k.

Went out 29th of 2,295, which is the deepest run online that I've had in a while. Unfortunately 29th paid $34.42, while first pays $1800+. Nothing I could do though- lost two flips with TT. One was an easy call that cut my stack in half. The other was an easy shove that finished me off. No regrets on either, and the small boost puts me close to $2k in the Bovada bankroll again.


P.S. Funny that I couldn't cash in a $5.50 CC tourney with 29 players or so, but I end up cashing in a large field MTT for the same buyin. I think the reason is there were way more donkeys in that MTT than you would find in a CardsChat tourney (plus I didn't overplay as much in the MTT, lol). 

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