Tuesday, January 21, 2014

WSOPC Choctaw Event 12 Result

Happy to cash in my first World Series of Poker Circuit event, but wish I had survived longer. I placed 18th out of 427, for a cash of $1473, which is also my first four-figure score.

All in all it was great experience. I made some mistakes early on (including a terrible laydown) and missed some value, but I also made some tough calls and strong big-blind defense plays to steadily chip up.

I was surprised at how often I got paid off with big hands. The two times I had AA, people doubled me up at just the right times. One player 4-bet shoved against me with 88 after commenting that I was playing tight...I guess she forgot to consider my 3-bet out-of-position range, lol (I had AA and held).

I never had to worry much about cruising into the money. After I settled down at the start and realized that not everyone around me was a pro shark, I was able to steal enough pots to stay ahead of the blinds, and never had to open-shove until well into day 2. I just pot-controlled against pushy players and won big pots sometimes with tptk, or a higher straight, etc. At worst, I got down to 22 big blinds on Day 1, but there was always someone willing to pay me off. 

I'll def be playing more of these $365 circuit events...especially the 12th event, which I think draws lots of bad players...like me, lol.

Souvenir Mugshot:

Let's Go, 10k starting stacks:

10 hours later...92,500 bagged for Day 2:

145k after a lucky double, AKs sb < AA bb:

Tournament Clock:

Hardware for the winner:

Interesting that he won with 44. That's the hand that I had when I got busted. :(

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