Sunday, January 26, 2014

RTR Free and Carbon $10k Frenzy

Got nowhere in these, but just making an entry to talk about the online game.

Called a first blind level insta-shover in the RTR free with AQs and got busted in 91st by AKo. He actually had a hand that time, whoops! (but he still donkey-bingo'd it up)

Busted 1051 of 8715 in the Carbon $10k Frenzy. It was a crazy $10k added tourney for a $1 entry. Had just doubled to 20k with AQo, then picked up AJs late and shoved into the table boss with 40k. He calls and flips up KJo. He gets the K on the flop, I turn a broadway draw with 7 outs to improve with my A, but missed on the river.

Bummer. I was 92 spots from the money but 959th only paid $6.55 anyway, and I would shove all day in that spot for a chance to double through the leader, who was making some horrible calls and mostly getting rewarded. Here's what the top payouts look like. Not bad for a $1 tourney.

We have at least one CCer (and probably several) who are in the money now. Hope someone makes a killer deep run.

Re: the online game, I need to update my PT4 graph to show a recent minor downswing. Nothing big, just no great results. My Bovada bankroll is still around $1950, down from a high of $2k+, so I'm managing it well by entering no higher than $5 DS tourneys on Bovada, freerolling whenever possible, and hanging at the micros on the cash game side.

Certainly the live tourneys have been profitable this month. I'm up around $2600 or so there, and posted my first WSOP stat, so the year is off to a solid bang that put me well into the black.

Here are my online poker goals for 2014, which I posted on CardsChat:

-Hit my first 4-figure score (already did that via WSOPC, but still want to hit it online).
-Build my online bankroll to $5k thru disciplined bankroll management.

I think $5k should be attainable because I'll be studying along the way and getting to know PokerTracker4 to identify and plug leaks.

Gonna be a great new year. I feel it. :-)

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