Saturday, January 25, 2014

League Final Table Championship

Played pretty well in the league FT last night, except for a couple of hands, and took 1st. It was basically a 10-man SnG with 22m blinds, no antes, and there was a difference in 500 chips between each player from the points-leader on down. I finished the season 2nd in points and started with 14,500, while the leader had 15k.

Had a hard time chipping up until push\fold territory, then started putting it on the line as usual with around 11bb.

Gamechanger: Shoved AJo for 10bb from UTG...ugh. Chris was thinking about it and I verbally encouraged a call for a double-up. He makes the correct call and I stand up expecting to bust. Sean folds, I say "ace-queen" (because he would snap-call with AK) and Chris flips it up and confirms that I'm dominated with AQo.

No help on the flop, but I turned a jack and held to double up and increase my steal-potential.

Most interesting hand: It folds around to me on the button and I pick up 22. Normally I would raise it, but I looked at Pete and Trav's stacks and they are shortish. I felt that if I minraised, one of them would just 3-bet all-in and I would be in a tough spot. I had just doubled and didn't want to lose 25-30% of it on a thin flip, so I made a nitty fold.

Pete shoves from the sb and Trav instacalls, 99<TT. I tell the dealer "I just folded deuces, please don't show a deuce in the window." BAM! Deuce in the window, crowd erupts. Blank on the turn. BAM! Deuce on the river, crowd erupts. Trav doubles, Pete is out, and I feel sick.

What was particularly bad about the result was that my best friend JD was now shortstack on the bubble. He busted later and I've been kicking myself ever since for not minraising 22 and getting priced in to make the call...coulda shoulda woulda. #NIT

Trav busted in 4th for $300+, then we discussed a chop for $800 apiece, +$100 for 2nd, +$150 for 1st. Since we were all evenly stacked at or above 40k in chips, Sean pointed out that we would be coin-flipping the rest of the way. They both agreed on the chop, and I opted not to hold out, so we got our $800 each and played on.

Sean went out in 3rd, and Charlie (2012 champ & superb player) and I went heads-up for several hands. I shoved all but maybe 1 hand from the SB to chip up, and picked up K9o on the button. He accidentally shoved out of turn and we simultaneously announced "all in" for the race. He had me with KQo until I hit a 9, and it was over.

$950 for 1st, plus $80 for 3rd place in the bounty race. 

Let's do this:

Prize pool:


 After doubling with AJo vs AQo:

 I flipped good...this time.

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