Saturday, January 18, 2014

Final Regular League Events

Made a good showing tonight and snagged two more ITM finishes in our last event before we move on to the Final Table: took a 3rd and a 1st for $285, plus I jumped into 3rd in the bounty race for another $80-$90. Wasn't happy about the 3rd place finish because of a misread, but I'll take it. More later...need sleep.

Rank    Name            Points  Chips
1               John D          983.96  15,000
2               Big E           914.26  14,500
3               Charlie W               901.96  14,000
4               Travis S                810.60  13,500
5               Shaun J         783.11  13,000
6               Danny F         778.33  12,500
7               Chris M         755.73  12,000
8               Byron P         718.49  11,500
9               John H          701.77  11,000
10              Peter L         697.21  10,500


Happy to advance to 2nd after being pegged at 3rd for months, and will start the FT with just 500 chips off the leader. Had a good feeling going into last night's events. My game had somehow replaced some aggression with hesitation in the previous months, probably from feeling my way around cash games, but I played some SnGs on Bovada and got back into the swing of things.

In the 2nd tourney, I folded 99 when we were down to 3 and facing two all ins, and would have taken both players out. Kind of sick and felt like a laddering move. If I had been thinking of ranges, it should have been an easy call, and would have bumped me to a tie for 2nd in the bounty race.

Headsup though, I took several pots from the SB by shoving any two. Final hand was me shoving J8o from the small blind into 77. Villain flops the set, but I hit runner runner to fill the straight. Got very lucky and earned enough points to accomplish what I hoped, so I'm happy overall.

There was no way to catch my best friend JD in first, after he steamrolled 4 consecutive tourneys for a total of 5 1st place wins out of 24 tourneys. He's been on a wicked run and took down an MTT at Choctaw on New Years Day for $1200+.

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