Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sunday, January 26, 2014

RTR Free and Carbon $10k Frenzy

Got nowhere in these, but just making an entry to talk about the online game.

Called a first blind level insta-shover in the RTR free with AQs and got busted in 91st by AKo. He actually had a hand that time, whoops! (but he still donkey-bingo'd it up)

Busted 1051 of 8715 in the Carbon $10k Frenzy. It was a crazy $10k added tourney for a $1 entry. Had just doubled to 20k with AQo, then picked up AJs late and shoved into the table boss with 40k. He calls and flips up KJo. He gets the K on the flop, I turn a broadway draw with 7 outs to improve with my A, but missed on the river.

Bummer. I was 92 spots from the money but 959th only paid $6.55 anyway, and I would shove all day in that spot for a chance to double through the leader, who was making some horrible calls and mostly getting rewarded. Here's what the top payouts look like. Not bad for a $1 tourney.

We have at least one CCer (and probably several) who are in the money now. Hope someone makes a killer deep run.

Re: the online game, I need to update my PT4 graph to show a recent minor downswing. Nothing big, just no great results. My Bovada bankroll is still around $1950, down from a high of $2k+, so I'm managing it well by entering no higher than $5 DS tourneys on Bovada, freerolling whenever possible, and hanging at the micros on the cash game side.

Certainly the live tourneys have been profitable this month. I'm up around $2600 or so there, and posted my first WSOP stat, so the year is off to a solid bang that put me well into the black.

Here are my online poker goals for 2014, which I posted on CardsChat:

-Hit my first 4-figure score (already did that via WSOPC, but still want to hit it online).
-Build my online bankroll to $5k thru disciplined bankroll management.

I think $5k should be attainable because I'll be studying along the way and getting to know PokerTracker4 to identify and plug leaks.

Gonna be a great new year. I feel it. :-)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

League Final Table Championship

Played pretty well in the league FT last night, except for a couple of hands, and took 1st. It was basically a 10-man SnG with 22m blinds, no antes, and there was a difference in 500 chips between each player from the points-leader on down. I finished the season 2nd in points and started with 14,500, while the leader had 15k.

Had a hard time chipping up until push\fold territory, then started putting it on the line as usual with around 11bb.

Gamechanger: Shoved AJo for 10bb from UTG...ugh. Chris was thinking about it and I verbally encouraged a call for a double-up. He makes the correct call and I stand up expecting to bust. Sean folds, I say "ace-queen" (because he would snap-call with AK) and Chris flips it up and confirms that I'm dominated with AQo.

No help on the flop, but I turned a jack and held to double up and increase my steal-potential.

Most interesting hand: It folds around to me on the button and I pick up 22. Normally I would raise it, but I looked at Pete and Trav's stacks and they are shortish. I felt that if I minraised, one of them would just 3-bet all-in and I would be in a tough spot. I had just doubled and didn't want to lose 25-30% of it on a thin flip, so I made a nitty fold.

Pete shoves from the sb and Trav instacalls, 99<TT. I tell the dealer "I just folded deuces, please don't show a deuce in the window." BAM! Deuce in the window, crowd erupts. Blank on the turn. BAM! Deuce on the river, crowd erupts. Trav doubles, Pete is out, and I feel sick.

What was particularly bad about the result was that my best friend JD was now shortstack on the bubble. He busted later and I've been kicking myself ever since for not minraising 22 and getting priced in to make the call...coulda shoulda woulda. #NIT

Trav busted in 4th for $300+, then we discussed a chop for $800 apiece, +$100 for 2nd, +$150 for 1st. Since we were all evenly stacked at or above 40k in chips, Sean pointed out that we would be coin-flipping the rest of the way. They both agreed on the chop, and I opted not to hold out, so we got our $800 each and played on.

Sean went out in 3rd, and Charlie (2012 champ & superb player) and I went heads-up for several hands. I shoved all but maybe 1 hand from the SB to chip up, and picked up K9o on the button. He accidentally shoved out of turn and we simultaneously announced "all in" for the race. He had me with KQo until I hit a 9, and it was over.

$950 for 1st, plus $80 for 3rd place in the bounty race. 

Let's do this:

Prize pool:


 After doubling with AJo vs AQo:

 I flipped good...this time.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

WSOPC Choctaw Event 12 Result

Happy to cash in my first World Series of Poker Circuit event, but wish I had survived longer. I placed 18th out of 427, for a cash of $1473, which is also my first four-figure score.

All in all it was great experience. I made some mistakes early on (including a terrible laydown) and missed some value, but I also made some tough calls and strong big-blind defense plays to steadily chip up.

I was surprised at how often I got paid off with big hands. The two times I had AA, people doubled me up at just the right times. One player 4-bet shoved against me with 88 after commenting that I was playing tight...I guess she forgot to consider my 3-bet out-of-position range, lol (I had AA and held).

I never had to worry much about cruising into the money. After I settled down at the start and realized that not everyone around me was a pro shark, I was able to steal enough pots to stay ahead of the blinds, and never had to open-shove until well into day 2. I just pot-controlled against pushy players and won big pots sometimes with tptk, or a higher straight, etc. At worst, I got down to 22 big blinds on Day 1, but there was always someone willing to pay me off. 

I'll def be playing more of these $365 circuit events...especially the 12th event, which I think draws lots of bad me, lol.

Souvenir Mugshot:

Let's Go, 10k starting stacks:

10 hours later...92,500 bagged for Day 2:

145k after a lucky double, AKs sb < AA bb:

Tournament Clock:

Hardware for the winner:

Interesting that he won with 44. That's the hand that I had when I got busted. :(

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Final Regular League Events

Made a good showing tonight and snagged two more ITM finishes in our last event before we move on to the Final Table: took a 3rd and a 1st for $285, plus I jumped into 3rd in the bounty race for another $80-$90. Wasn't happy about the 3rd place finish because of a misread, but I'll take it. More later...need sleep.

Rank    Name            Points  Chips
1               John D          983.96  15,000
2               Big E           914.26  14,500
3               Charlie W               901.96  14,000
4               Travis S                810.60  13,500
5               Shaun J         783.11  13,000
6               Danny F         778.33  12,500
7               Chris M         755.73  12,000
8               Byron P         718.49  11,500
9               John H          701.77  11,000
10              Peter L         697.21  10,500


Happy to advance to 2nd after being pegged at 3rd for months, and will start the FT with just 500 chips off the leader. Had a good feeling going into last night's events. My game had somehow replaced some aggression with hesitation in the previous months, probably from feeling my way around cash games, but I played some SnGs on Bovada and got back into the swing of things.

In the 2nd tourney, I folded 99 when we were down to 3 and facing two all ins, and would have taken both players out. Kind of sick and felt like a laddering move. If I had been thinking of ranges, it should have been an easy call, and would have bumped me to a tie for 2nd in the bounty race.

Headsup though, I took several pots from the SB by shoving any two. Final hand was me shoving J8o from the small blind into 77. Villain flops the set, but I hit runner runner to fill the straight. Got very lucky and earned enough points to accomplish what I hoped, so I'm happy overall.

There was no way to catch my best friend JD in first, after he steamrolled 4 consecutive tourneys for a total of 5 1st place wins out of 24 tourneys. He's been on a wicked run and took down an MTT at Choctaw on New Years Day for $1200+.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

WSOPC Choctaw Durant

Tournament Schedule

A couple of guys in the poker league have been playing in the low buyin events at Choctaw with 3k starting stack. Not surprisingly, the guy who won the league final table last year, and is currently 2nd, cashed in a $125 event after rebuying once. He's a very consistent player.

I'll be taking a shot at Ring Event #12. I figured rather than dealing with the variance of the lowest buyin tournaments that I'd give myself a chance to play a lot more poker with a bigger starting stack and longer blind levels. I'll be studying up and trying to patch as many leaks as possible by memorizing odds etc.

There'll be some great players there so I'm gonna need some luck!