Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tilt Happens...

Busted way too early in the Derrick's $2500 WPT Champ Freeroll today on Bovada. The crazy thing is there were only 4 active players out of 9 on my table. All the others were absent and getting blinded away, except for several times when one of the active villains still hadn't noticed that the absentees were all snap-folding, lol.

I tilted from getting reraised by a player on my left, so I 4-bet shoved over him with a marginal hand and he flipped up AA and improved to a flush.

Note to self: Even repeated reraises are often due to legitimate strength. Pretty sure we've been over this before.


I seem to tilt less when:

-I am well-rested and have just showered (wakes me up a bit more).
-I am playing at least two tourneys at once (helps me not to get tunnel-visioned on any one player). Hmm...tilt-dispersion.
-I've gotten daily tasks\chores done.
-Family doesn't try to talk to me while I'm trying to play. STFU Yallz!

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