Monday, December 9, 2013

Sometimes you just shouldn't play.

Played the RTR Free yesterday and a $3 rebuy and a $0.45 rebuy. Played ok in the freeroll but blew it in the other two approaching the bubble. Just couldn't (er...wouldn't) fold in a couple of spots where I was obviously beaten.


Raised QQ from mid-pos and was 3-bet from the SB. Called and saw a K x x flop with a flush draw. Villain shoves. I tank and call. 

Really self? WTF range are you putting him on when he 3-bets you pre from the SB? Might AK be in there somewhere at least?

He had AA. Way to call like a donkey. Next time when you don't have a read, just go with your gut and fold.


4bet shoved 55 from the SB, with no read. What???  Apparently wasn't serious about winning.

AAA > 555

Note to self: If you're not in it to win it, save your dime for another time.

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