Sunday, December 15, 2013

RTR 4th place and $2k goal reached

Played mostly solid in the RTR Freeroll and hit 4th place out of 73 for $60. Had to play out of position a lot due to frequent ATC minraises from a particular player and I played back at him fairly well. There were a few hands on the FT that I'll need to review. Could have gone better, but happy for the score. 

In my last hand I shoved over two limpers with A4s and got called by TJs. We both hit a piece but he won. Felt like a fairly thin shove since the caller was the chipleader who had me well covered. Probably should have just check pre. Oh well.

Also played a $3 rebuy with a points-to-ticket voucher and made the money for another $25. The combined scores put me at $2019 and some change. Woot.

Purged some play money sessions from my PT4 db, made a backup and stored in the cloud. It's as accurate as it can be, although I missed a hand history or two from early August and a couple in November that never downloaded.

Now I just need to continue reading Building a Bankroll Full Ring Addition by Pawel Nazarewicz, and start learning what all the hud stats mean. Fun fun!

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