Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reflections on 2013

Overall, it's been a great year. I repainted and sold a home, and transitioned to self-employment where I'm making way less than before but am much happier. I am now completely debt free, and just realized that I forgot to do my Dave Ramsey debt-freedom scream, so here goes:



I've managed to cross the $2k mark on Bovada, and I've been playing reasonably well in league (3rd of 20).

Some things that have not gone well are that I engaged in market timing and sold some equities too soon, and speculated in the domain name market without fully researching it. So yay, I have a portfolio of domain names that may be mostly worthless. I will trim those down to a few hopefuls and be done with it. I did get a $,$$$ offer on one of them, but it has gone to collections at SEDO and is likely a non-paying bidder. EDIT: update :)

On the other hand, a penny stock that I've speculated in had a nice run. I sold it too soon as well, but still made a 200% return. It is a company called Geltech (GLTC) that sells an amazing fire-suppression product called FireIce. I've put in a limit order and hope to pick up some more shares.

Most importantly, I am now located much closer to best friends and family, which has made a positive difference in my life. Living 3 hours away for the last 11 years has been seriously inconvenient at times, and I'm glad that I made the move. I am closer to my favorite casinos now too. :-)

What else?

Oh yeah, the odometer rolled another digit:

I feel pretty good for being middle-aged, but I want to keep working out and getting in top shape.

Well that's a wrap. Farewell 2013...and old acquaintances.

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