Saturday, December 21, 2013

League Update...meh

One of our members is on a spectacular run, with four consecutive 1st place wins for a total of 6 this season. Then there is

Ok, I'm not having a terrible season, but 2 firsts and 4 second places is not what I had hoped for by now. I didn't cash Friday night, and busted in 8th both times. Played mostly well the first tourney, but made a questionable play in the 2nd:

With blinds at 500\1000, I raised 99 3x from utg from an 11bb stack on the full ring final table. Got 1 caller who had me covered. There is a K on the flop and two hearts. After a moment, I shove; he calls and flips up TT. I believe he had a read on me from past history and the way I put my chips out, but he also likes to gamble after the flop and would have been set-mining the river even if I had AK, lol.

I'm not quite sure how to play 99 from utg with 8 players left to act and only 11bb. If I shove, I'm coin-flipping. If I limp, I may get raised all-in and have to fold. If I raise 3x and check-fold the king-high flop, I've lost 3bb and may lose 1.5 more when the blinds hit. Maybe just folding is actually ok here. Bluffing a call-station was not a good plan, but maybe that will set me up to stack that player in a later game.

Oh well...two more tourneys until the final table. Adjusted points were sent out and I'm still stuck in 3rd, so I will be just 1000 chips off the chiplead at the final table as long as I maintain at least 3rd place.

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