Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reflections on 2013

Overall, it's been a great year. I repainted and sold a home, and transitioned to self-employment where I'm making way less than before but am much happier. I am now completely debt free, and just realized that I forgot to do my Dave Ramsey debt-freedom scream, so here goes:



I've managed to cross the $2k mark on Bovada, and I've been playing reasonably well in league (3rd of 20).

Some things that have not gone well are that I engaged in market timing and sold some equities too soon, and speculated in the domain name market without fully researching it. So yay, I have a portfolio of domain names that may be mostly worthless. I will trim those down to a few hopefuls and be done with it. I did get a $,$$$ offer on one of them, but it has gone to collections at SEDO and is likely a non-paying bidder. EDIT: update :)

On the other hand, a penny stock that I've speculated in had a nice run. I sold it too soon as well, but still made a 200% return. It is a company called Geltech (GLTC) that sells an amazing fire-suppression product called FireIce. I've put in a limit order and hope to pick up some more shares.

Most importantly, I am now located much closer to best friends and family, which has made a positive difference in my life. Living 3 hours away for the last 11 years has been seriously inconvenient at times, and I'm glad that I made the move. I am closer to my favorite casinos now too. :-)

What else?

Oh yeah, the odometer rolled another digit:

I feel pretty good for being middle-aged, but I want to keep working out and getting in top shape.

Well that's a wrap. Farewell 2013...and old acquaintances.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

CardsChat 100k seat added, Boxing Day $8k GTD $22+$1

Mincashed the CardsChat tourney in 5th of 22 for $8.80 ($5 buyin). Busted in the $8k GTD. Lost half my stack early on with KK, and never doubled up afterward. Mostly played ok in both, but was being kind of a nit in the CardsChat tourney due to an aggressive shover on my left. Never quite got a hand to shove against him, so I folded a lot from the small blind...disgusting.

Merry Yesterday!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

CardsChat Freeroll on Carbon, Bovada RTR Freeroll and $15k GTD

Nothing to report really, since I played badly in all three. 

Was doing ok in the RTR when I shoved AJo from utg for 26bb...like an amateur. I'm not sure what happened to the small ball strategy that worked well last weekend. Guess I reverted to throwing hail marys. Well, the BB (chipleader) looked me up with AQo and took me out. This is precisely why a minraise would have been a good enough raise.

Way to waste an opportunity.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

League Update...meh

One of our members is on a spectacular run, with four consecutive 1st place wins for a total of 6 this season. Then there is me...lol.

Ok, I'm not having a terrible season, but 2 firsts and 4 second places is not what I had hoped for by now. I didn't cash Friday night, and busted in 8th both times. Played mostly well the first tourney, but made a questionable play in the 2nd:

With blinds at 500\1000, I raised 99 3x from utg from an 11bb stack on the full ring final table. Got 1 caller who had me covered. There is a K on the flop and two hearts. After a moment, I shove; he calls and flips up TT. I believe he had a read on me from past history and the way I put my chips out, but he also likes to gamble after the flop and would have been set-mining the river even if I had AK, lol.

I'm not quite sure how to play 99 from utg with 8 players left to act and only 11bb. If I shove, I'm coin-flipping. If I limp, I may get raised all-in and have to fold. If I raise 3x and check-fold the king-high flop, I've lost 3bb and may lose 1.5 more when the blinds hit. Maybe just folding is actually ok here. Bluffing a call-station was not a good plan, but maybe that will set me up to stack that player in a later game.

Oh well...two more tourneys until the final table. Adjusted points were sent out and I'm still stuck in 3rd, so I will be just 1000 chips off the chiplead at the final table as long as I maintain at least 3rd place.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

RTR 4th place and $2k goal reached

Played mostly solid in the RTR Freeroll and hit 4th place out of 73 for $60. Had to play out of position a lot due to frequent ATC minraises from a particular player and I played back at him fairly well. There were a few hands on the FT that I'll need to review. Could have gone better, but happy for the score. 

In my last hand I shoved over two limpers with A4s and got called by TJs. We both hit a piece but he won. Felt like a fairly thin shove since the caller was the chipleader who had me well covered. Probably should have just check pre. Oh well.

Also played a $3 rebuy with a points-to-ticket voucher and made the money for another $25. The combined scores put me at $2019 and some change. Woot.

Purged some play money sessions from my PT4 db, made a backup and stored in the cloud. It's as accurate as it can be, although I missed a hand history or two from early August and a couple in November that never downloaded.

Now I just need to continue reading Building a Bankroll Full Ring Addition by Pawel Nazarewicz, and start learning what all the hud stats mean. Fun fun!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Overall Poker Tracker 4 Stats since 2010

Ok, this is after importing my corrected freeroll stats, and correcting a downswing related to a $100k tourney entry that I actually freerolled into.

This graph includes real money cash games and tourneys played on Full Tilt and PokerStars before Black Friday (4\15\2011), my bankroll management fiasco on Juicy Stakes in 2012, and my results on Bovada and America's Cardroom in 2013.

I have a ton of studying and hard work to do, but this gets me started on the right foot with using Poker Tracker 4 and puts the last three years into full perspective.

PT4 rocks!

PokerTracker 4 Troubleshooting: Importing Freeroll hand histories from Bovada

I mentioned in a previous blog that my tourney graph was off because my Bovada freeroll winnings were not being counted. PT4 seemed to interpret them as play money tourneys. The Bovada Hand History Converter probably wasn't designed to convert freeroll tournaments into something PT4 would interpret as a real money tourney.

To troubleshoot this, I set up a new db in PT4. Then I found an original RTR Freeroll hand-history file where I had finished in the money. I compared this to a real money tournament file and saw that the freeroll was simply missing the buyin amount or "tag", so I copied my freerolls to another folder and made the following change with a freeware find\replace tool called TextCrawler:

PokerStars Hand #2776892893: Tournament #3773109,  Hold'em No Limit (10/20) - 2013/06/06 20:36:09

PokerStars Hand #2776892893: Tournament #3773109,  $0+$0 - Hold'em No Limit (10/20) - 2013/06/06 20:36:09

It changed 2600+ instances, then I was able to successfully import the histories and see the missing $400 appear in stats:

Now I will need to identify and purge the original hand histories from my main db, then import the updated histories and voila (I hope). The tourney graph should roughly match the old graph from OnlinePokerManager.

I'm really digging PT4 and can't thank CardsChat enough for selecting me as a gift winner in the holiday promotion.

Tilt Happens...

Busted way too early in the Derrick's $2500 WPT Champ Freeroll today on Bovada. The crazy thing is there were only 4 active players out of 9 on my table. All the others were absent and getting blinded away, except for several times when one of the active villains still hadn't noticed that the absentees were all snap-folding, lol.

I tilted from getting reraised by a player on my left, so I 4-bet shoved over him with a marginal hand and he flipped up AA and improved to a flush.

Note to self: Even repeated reraises are often due to legitimate strength. Pretty sure we've been over this before.


I seem to tilt less when:

-I am well-rested and have just showered (wakes me up a bit more).
-I am playing at least two tourneys at once (helps me not to get tunnel-visioned on any one player). Hmm...tilt-dispersion.
-I've gotten daily tasks\chores done.
-Family doesn't try to talk to me while I'm trying to play. STFU Yallz!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Poker News

First, a must-read article for online poker enthusiasts published at The Federalist. I consider it one of the best articles written on the subject.



Now I get to see how bad I suck since before poker's Black Friday...

Stand by for suck update. :)

Bovada HH converter from AcePokerSolutions:

Wow, I folded lots of hands...

Well, it's worse than I thought due to two things:

1. Terrible bankroll management on Juicy in 2012.

2. A problem with converting and\or importing hand histories from Bovada. It doesn't seem to include my winnings from freerolls. I've won $400 in the Rake the Rake freerolls, but they don't seem to be in the results. Plus there is a tournament downswing that doesn't make sense, just before the large upswing. 

The good news is the cash graph for Bovada hands matches the previous graphs from Online Poker Manager, and cash is the area where I need the most improvement.

All in all, I'm enjoying the product, but I have some testing and troubleshooting to do regarding tournament HH imports.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

My day hath been made. :)

Won a gift suggestion in the CardsChat Holiday Promotion: PokerTracker 4. This can potentially help to improve my game, as long as I use it wisely. Here were my video presentations:

Monday, December 9, 2013

Sometimes you just shouldn't play.

Played the RTR Free yesterday and a $3 rebuy and a $0.45 rebuy. Played ok in the freeroll but blew it in the other two approaching the bubble. Just couldn't (er...wouldn't) fold in a couple of spots where I was obviously beaten.


Raised QQ from mid-pos and was 3-bet from the SB. Called and saw a K x x flop with a flush draw. Villain shoves. I tank and call. 

Really self? WTF range are you putting him on when he 3-bets you pre from the SB? Might AK be in there somewhere at least?

He had AA. Way to call like a donkey. Next time when you don't have a read, just go with your gut and fold.


4bet shoved 55 from the SB, with no read. What???  Apparently wasn't serious about winning.

AAA > 555

Note to self: If you're not in it to win it, save your dime for another time.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

RTR Freeroll

Mincashed the freeroll on Bovada:


Thankful for the bump, but was unhappy to bust in that spot. Chipleader was on my left and I shoved K9s. He flips up KTo. I'm ahead on the flop with a 9, but he fills a straight on the river, ouch. He's so deepstacked compared to everyone that maybe I should have considered folding since I'd seen him call with nearly 100% of his range. Just hoped he would fold in the SB and I'd be headsup with another shorty.

The good news is I'm closing in on $2k. My acct is at $1958.95. Onward...