Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weekend Wrap

Friday night league: I had some tough beats but managed to maintain 3rd place, while my best friend JD hit two home runs and won both tournaments. He pocketed $400+ and rocketed from 6th place to 1st. Sick points and money run. He was headsup with the same guy both times and just destroyed him.

I'm only 2 points away from 2nd and 19 points away from 1st with four tourneys to go before the final table. Hope to get there in 1st for the chiplead.

Had a two night free stay at Winstar so we headed up for some cash game action. I ran through some Instapoker hands to warmup, then played a four hour session that ended break even to the dollar. At one point I was two hundred down but a drunk guy sat next to me and couldn't fold top pair shitty kicker on a jack-high board. I tabled KK and he doubled me up with J6. I was embarrassed for him, but guys like that make the game profitable. 

At most, I was up $50 at one point but ended the session with an even $300 so I could buyin to tourneys on Monday. 

Played the 1pm $60 and the $115 7pm. Lasted slightly better than midway in both and went out with QQ vs AK in the first tourney, and QK vs AK in the 2nd. Overall I was happy with how I played in the first tourney but made a couple of costly mistakes in the 2nd where I lost 25% of my stack by calling a pf raise and floating a flop. I was tilted a bit by this maniac that kept raising and I wanted to stack him if possible, but picked a time when he could have easily had the better hand. 

That's ok, because he hung himself by calling all in twice with a pair of aces with a bad kicker. He never gave a thought to being outkicked with his A10. I wasn't alone in being glad to see him gone. 

Won a crucial flip early on in the 2nd tourney. I raised KK to 3.5 bb (350) and was repopped to 2000 which told me I was up against AA. I resigned myself to my fate and shoved, and he flipped up AA and was pissed when another K hit on the turn and he was out. The guy was all tatted up and had a black eye. He also had some threatening word spelled in tattoos across his knuckles.

He complained for a while but skulked off to the cash tables. That's poker. I gave an obligatory apology before he left but was naturally happy to win the flip.

From now on I will only play the $60 tourneys at Winstar. Even though the administrative rake is 20%, I don't like the structure enough to pay more than $60. There is a jump early on that cuts your M in half and forces everyone into suicide mode where the cards mostly decide your fate.

All in all I ended down $285 for the weekend but the hotel room was quite nice, and free, so had a great time anyway. Needed the vacay.

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