Sunday, November 10, 2013

An Actual Transcript from an Obamacare Chat Support Session.

[10:55:58 pm]: Thanks for contacting Health Insurance Marketplace Live Chat. Please wait while we connect you to someone who can help.
[10:56:01 pm]:  Please be patient while we're helping other people.
[10:56:08 pm]: Welcome! You're now connected to Health Insurance Marketplace Live Chat.

Thanks for contacting us. My name is Cindy. To protect your privacy, please don't provide any personal information, like Social Security Number, or any other sensitive medical or personal information.
[10:56:25 pm]: Cindy
Good Evening. Thank you for calling the Health Insurance Market Place Live Chat. How may I assist you?
[10:56:57 pm]: Omy 
I am here for one reason. 
[10:57:23 pm]: Omy 
I have a proposal. 
[10:57:45 pm]: Omy 
Will you marry me? Like right here? On chat? 
[10:58:04 pm]: Omy 
I just love the name Cindy. Pretty much ever since Brady Bunch.
[10:58:12 pm]: Omy 
[10:58:34 pm]: Omy 
Don't leave me hanging... 
[10:58:52 pm]: Omy 
This is embarrassing. 
[10:59:35 pm]: Cindy
How is it that I may assist you with your Health Care information?
[11:00:30 pm]: Omy 
You can start by accepting my proposal for marriage. Then we can move on to other topics. My health will greatly improve if you marry me. 
[11:01:06 pm]: Omy 
I have a ring. It's pretty awesome. 
[11:01:57 pm]: Cindy
I do apologize but that isn't something I have any control over.
[11:04:00 pm]: Omy 
Ok, I understand. But before you kick me to the curb, I should admit that I am shockingly handsome. 6 foot 4 and full of muscle. 
[11:04:11 pm]: Omy 
You will like me a lot. I promise.  
[11:05:24 pm]: Omy 
I can cook too. How many guys can do that? Pretty much the fat guy and the bald guy on the The Chew. The other guy can only make crafts with glitter, but I'm more like the two guys that can cook, but WAY cuter. 
[11:07:01 pm]: Cindy
Is there a specific question about your market place account that I can help you with?
[11:07:45 pm]: Omy 
Oh yes, I'm sorry. I was distracted by your name. One sec... 
[11:08:08 pm]: Omy 
...Ok, when I hit ENROLL, it doesn't let me. Any ideas? 
[11:08:50 pm]: Cindy
Improving HealthCare.govNEW Weekend Alert: The Health Insurance Marketplace online application isn't available from approximately 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. EST daily while we make improvements. In addition, between Saturday evening, November 9 and early morning on Tuesday, November 12, there will be times when you can fill out your application, but you will need to return and log in Tuesday afternoon to review and submit it. The rest of the site and the Marketplace call center remain available during these hours.
[11:08:56 pm]: Cindy
Thank you for your interest in the Marketplace and for sharing your feedback. We apologize for any technical difficulties you may be experiencing as you use We know this can be frustrating, and we're working around the clock to improve and to make sure your experience with it is a positive one.

I will make a note of your feedback. In the meantime, you can still complete an application right now by selecting the following link to download a paper application: Choose the application that best fits your needs under "Marketplace Consumer Application."

You may also call the Marketplace at 1-800-318-2596 for help with completing an application or to request a paper application by mail.
[11:09:58 pm]: Omy 
Right then, now back to my original question. When would like like to get married? 
[11:10:27 pm]: Omy 
I have money, so your dad will not have to pay for anything. It's a pretty good deal! 
[11:11:38 pm]: Cindy
Thank you for calling the Health Insurance Market Place Live Chat. Have a great evening.  you understand im transgendered right?
[11:12:51 pm]: Omy 
I see, your going with the Crying Game defense. 
[11:13:11 pm]: Omy 
It's ok, I'm flexible. We can work around it. 
[11:13:35 pm]: Omy 
I'm open to new things.  
[11:13:50 pm]: Cindy
I do apologize somebody else started typing on my computer.
[11:13:56 pm]: Cindy
Thank you for contacting Health Insurance Marketplace Live Chat.  We are here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
[11:14:08 pm]: Omy 
Plus I have already fallen in love. 
[11:14:18 pm]: Omy 
Ok, Cindy. Maybe next time? 
[11:14:44 pm]: Cindy
Have a good night. I am going to end the conversation here. Have a good night.
[11:14:57 pm]: Omy 
I'm pretty much the guy from 50 Shades of Gray! 
[11:15:12 pm]: Your chat session is over. Thanks for contacting us, and we hope we've answered your questions. Have a great day.
[11:15:12 pm]: 11/10/2013

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